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All Because of You

September 21, 2009
By CrimsonRose SILVER, Temple, Texas
CrimsonRose SILVER, Temple, Texas
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When I first met you,
I thought that you were not one I could trust.

For so long,
I had wondered the world under the dark, night sky.

For so long,
I had been alone.

By the time that I met you,
I thought that you were no different then the countless others before you.

I was worn and weary,
Broken and baffled.

As the days passed, I wondered more and more,
And with that, I began to pay less and less thought to the ones who were still around me.

Those were the ones that still cared for me... Just like you now cared.

Still, as I wondered aimlessly around,
There were still lots of little things that pulled at my heart.

What had I done wrong?
Why was everyone abandoning me?
Am I so bad that everyone has to leave me defenseless to break and shatter?

By the time you entered my life,
I was at the end of my limits.

I didn't trust you,
Nor did I want to know you.

I didn't pay any thought to you,
Nor did I want to care about you or anything else.

I knew I was being a fool,
But I was just afraid of being someone's tool.

Even as my heart was shattered and frozen,
You still came into my life and changed me.

You never complained about my judgements,
Nor did you turn away when you should have.

You always cared,
And you were always there when I needed company.

As time passed,
You were there for me,
Even when my friends were not.

Without any revelation as to what was happening,
I finally came to realize that you had become an important person in my life.

I was once a dark person that wondered with no reason,
But now, I was kind, sweet, and loving.

Before, I just passed through life without ever caring about what I saw.
Now, I would slowly pass by as I enjoyed what I could.

For a while,
I changed without knowing what was happening.

For a while,
I just thought that the things around me had changed.

I was fooling myself for nothing had changed,
Only me.

At first,
I was confused.

Why had I changed?
Why was my life now filled with a light that was bright, unlike the one that was once so dark?

It finally came to me...
It was all because of you.

All because of you,
I saw the world in a new light.

All because of you,
I had come to appreciate the ones I had in my life.

All because of you,
I was now happy with my life and even with the bad,
I still did all I could to make myself up.

All because of you,
My heart was thawed out from the frozen, dark terror that it once was.

All because of you,
My heart was healed of the wounds that it was once covered in.

Now, as I turned back to take a look at my life,
All I can say is thank you for you brought light to my life.

Aside from healing the broken and shattered,
You showed me to love and trust again.

So everyday, as I wake up in the morning,
I thank the world for bringing you into my life.

Everyday. I fall asleep smiling as I think of you,
And I awaken every morning with sweet joy as you enter my mind.

I have come to surprise myself.

The guy that I once distanced myself from,
Has come to be the guy that I love and treasure most.

The guy that I once was afraid would try to break me even more,
Turned out to be one that healed the broken pieces of my heart.

The guy that I once paid no mind to,
Turned out to be one that I trusted with everything.

Little by little,
I changed.

Little by little,
The scars on my heart were healed.

Little by little,
I loved you and treasured you more.

You are my world and my everything.

By now,
I love you most,
And at first,
I was afraid of losing you,
But now,
I trust you enough to where even that fear has faded.

Today, I treasure your love and existance most,
And you mean the world to me.

You are the reason I shall laugh and smile,
And you are the reason I fight for what I believe in,
And you are the reason there's still breath in my lungs.

I call you my honey as my heart fills with my love for you,
And you call me baby as I have healed the wounds that you once had.

We have come a long way,
And now, our love for eachother is everything to us.

Honey, I love you so much,
And everyday,
As I look at your eyes and the pictures of your smiles,
It gives me a reason to endure what I can,
And fight for what I want.

Honey, all because of you,
I changed for the better,
And now, I'm ready to face reality.

As long as I have you besides me,
I have all the strength that I need.

For your bright, shinning eyes,
For your lovely, little smiles,
For your sweet, warm hugs,
And for the strong warmth of your hands,
I will be able to fight and endure anything,
All because you brought hope, love, light, and life back to me.

The final words that I have to say is...

I love you
For your sake, I will make a stand and fight for my life cuz your my world.

The author's comments:
This is was a peace that I wrote in dedication to my beloved boyfren, cuz he has done so much for me and I TOTALLY luv him! LOL

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