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I cling to him

September 22, 2009
By FashionGuru DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
FashionGuru DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
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And I look at him,
So lovely
In spite of what
He's done to me
He yells and screams
Is he done hurting me?
Why do I put up with him?
I am terrorized
By him
All of them
See it
But when I cry
To him I cling
Pressing my forehead into his blue sleeve
He looks at me
But doesn't say
A word to me
I grab his shirt
And cry away
He stares down
Don't look away
They all say
She's crazy
But i'm not.
It's love.
We are perfect
I cry to the one who hurt me
How ironic
I cry to the man that I love
NO matter what
No matter what
He's the one I love
Adore, befriend, love
Perfect, harmony,
Perfect love
He is the one that I adore
But he hurts my soul
Yes he hurts my heart
With his,
Words, actions, diagrams
People watch, watch him slay the lamb
I am that tiny lamb
With my heart in my hands
But as I cry to him, expecting nothing
He pats my shoulder
Kisses my cheek and says
"Baby, I love you"
That's all I need
For eternity
I love him
My destroyer
My lover

The author's comments:
This poem is kind of random yet I think many girls feel this way. They crawl back to the boy who hurt them, emotionally or physically. We know it's wrong, but we can't help it.

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