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Carry On

October 1, 2009
By ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
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Bloody tears, crying ot my inside. The fire inside keeps burning strong.
The colors of the flames dancing and licking at the air. I wish I could cry forever.
The sweet taste of salt drips down my cheek, and the loss of my blood now makes me weak. Please carry on.
When I'm gone, when I can no longer sustain my pulse I want you to carry on.
Carry on with what your doing,
Carry on just keep on moving.
The loss of a friend, you should just pretend, that I moved away.
My vision is slowly blurring like the fuzz on a broken screen, I'm seeing past what is real, I'm seeing everything.
Of course now it doesn't matter, now that I'm dead and gone, but I see now the flaws of my ways and everything that I've done wrong.
The angels, I hear them calling; the angels, I see them dancing.
This will be my last time checking on you, this is my last time glancing, carry on.

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