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Trapped and Freed

October 3, 2009
By DiamondGirl GOLD, Groveton, Texas
DiamondGirl GOLD, Groveton, Texas
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Light the way, my Prince
You've gotten me this far
Yet the paths...
They're gone
All our scheming for naught
You're giving up
Is it all too much?
We've planned this for so long
What did we not do for this?
I'm so far gone I didn't notice...
How could I?
You blindfolded me
Carried me to where we are
Now we seperate
You're going back to your Kingdom,
Abandoning everything we worked for
Realizing my mistakes too late
I guess I should have known
Should have seen the difference
Should have stopped when the signs flooded my head
But I kept going
To our Faraway Land that we'd decorated and escaped to
You gave me my rose with thorns...
And I took it
Cut and torn,
I cannot go back
As you've abandoned me
I've relinquished my Kingdom
No tears fall from these eyes
Leaving the rose where you left
I continued on,
Stumbling into the unmarked world blindly
My eyes free to soak in the land

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