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Hurry Or He'll Hear

September 29, 2009
By Goregeous BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
Goregeous BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
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She looks at her now broken mirror
Why is she still sitting here?
Here he comes again dear
Quickly or he'll hear you leave
Oh no to late
Hurry lock the door
He breaking down your barrier
Hide in the closet
Close the door
And hold your breath
Or he'll hear
Oh no
Here he comes
He heard you
As the door flies open
You try and go deeper
It doesn't work
He yanks you out
You shriek as you hit the wall
Because you have nothing but walls
He hits you
He yells
And screams
Asking "Why won't you just die!?"
Finally after ten minutes
Which felt like a decade
He stops and leaves
You curl up and cry
But you live
You'll survive
Until you can move
Until you reach the door
Or maybe the window?
No not high enough
A rope?
Oh wait you have none
The razor in the closet?
Not quick enough
The gun!
Clawing your way to the door
Just a little more
You find it
Locked and loaded
You grab it
But wait
There's only one bullet
What if you miss?
You don't care
You'll take that chance
You don't miss
But as you slowly die
You hear him
"Why did you have to die!?"

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