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September 28, 2009
By FashionGuru DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
FashionGuru DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
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I've know you forever
You love to joke
We'd sit in your kitchen
Sharing stories and times
Now all of that has ended
Along with your sweet lullabyes
I've loved you forever
You're my grandma, dear
In perfect harmony
I shall love thee
But this past week I went to see you
You're disintegrating within my sight
Your bones stick out, I can see them
Your face is masked in fright
You can't even talk to me
I miss you so much
I don't want to remember you
As someone who I was afraid to touch
You're so fragile in your white bed
I'm afraid you're going to break
So when I left for the last time
I choked on what to say
So I leaned close to your bed
Took your warm hand in mine
Said It's me grandma and I love you till the end of time
When I got home after travel
I leaned that you had passed
And I wished forever
That I had know you more
I love you grandma
We all do
I wish that we'd had more time
I'm sure you do too
But you're in heaven with mom
And Grandpa Howard too
They all missed you
As I will do
I'll never forget you
Your love of baseball
Your endless root beers
Or you laugh like a waterfall
I miss you grandma
You're a part of me
I know you love me
I'm your grandbaby

The author's comments:
My grandma died yesterday after I last got to see her. This poem is for her. I love you grandma, I always will

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