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Lost tonight

September 28, 2009
By Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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We both tried to help each other out.
Found ways to help our way around, but got lost again.
Acted like we knew it all, spoke like we were walking tall, but it was all pretend.
We tried to help the other person feel like they were saved, but we slipped on our own, road that was unpaved .Cause we're lost.
We thought that we were flying high, runnin' flames, when we were runnin' on empty and lost our own game. Cause we're lost.
You looked at me one wiinter day, you could tell I had been thrown away, in my mind.
You were coming from an empty place, of your own. Tried to show me lasting love, you were kind.
But we both fell apart in the middle of the night, didn't want to run away, but we both thought we might. Cause we're lost.
We bowed to stay together down the rest of the way, even though we didn't know exactly where we would stay.
It didn't really matter, like it did before. Now I have someone to sit with me by the shore.
Reading all directions and colorful signs, we'll find our way someday but just for now. Let's be lost.

The author's comments:
Sometimes you have enough courage to try to help someone else out when you're lost yourself. And two people who are lost equals two people who are found.

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