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Filling to the top with sorrow

October 27, 2009
By FashionGuru DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
FashionGuru DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
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Never knowing how I fell
Indifferent to those
Who cherish not of words
Actions of burdens
I refuse to cry
Swelling in my eye
Life just goes on
One big, bad sad song
I'm sick of finding lovers
Who don't need another
I'm tired of living where
There's dirty underwear
And I'm over remorse
Sadness is a bore
Can't the world just be
Like a plain old tree

Cold in the winter night
Never where the sun is bright
Keeps it's feelings to itself
Never helping someone else
Ending it's sad life
Deep marks of strife
In the dead winter day
Where the sun has gone away

I'm not really that lonely
But I'm sad, none the less
I'm pathetically worthy
Won't someone try to understand
She's gone and I won't talk
He's here but he will walk
I'm fine, don't ask me about my day
How's yours but that topic has gone away

Everyday is new
Cold and bright
Staggeringly beautiful
Startlingly and starkly white
Searing pain upon my chest
As the tank fills with with it's best
I try not to think as the water overhead
Spills in and I fill with dread
Never shall the trees go bare
Even when they shed their hair
I do not know how they do it
I wish that I was fluent
Searing, bright, unstartlingly white
I wish I could see a room
That had no bad boom

Quiet in this room
You can hear the sounds of your own breathing
I am here
Can you see me?
Am I invisible?
Do you hear it?
The sound,
Of my lungs,
As they expand
Floating overhead
Filling with the sorrow
That comes
From you
From her
From all who suffer
Filling, to the top
Never, going to stop
Never ending suffering
For those who sing
The ending

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