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October 30, 2009
By Jasmine11010 PLATINUM, Arkansas City, Kansas
Jasmine11010 PLATINUM, Arkansas City, Kansas
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3:00 am

r u sleep

No why

I cant

Cant what



Because I saw a dead body today and I never have before so when I close my eyes I see him but then i look closer and it’s not him it is me

What the hell were where you

My house now

No when you saw it

A viewing

That’s what viewing are

Well dua I know that but I never saw a dead person and like I wanted him to wake up in my mind I was yelling "WAKE UP WAKE UP" i wanted to shake him and tell him to wake up but he wouldn’t waked up like everything hit me and made me think bout everything in my life and I dint what to face the truth or reality about anything

It’s a dead person

You don’t get it I know that I know he is gone and not coming back that he aint breathing I know under his suit he is cup I no I know he cant think I know all that but when I saw him he looked…NORMAL

I know what you mean but then again I don’t it might be hard to not think about it but try not to

I cant that’s all that is in my mind a few years back my dad got in a car crash and he was damn near dead but he lived and it was way worse then his and now I have a fear he is going to die so I keep waking up to make sure he was alive I sat in his room and watch I’m sleep and thought about his life

Everything happens for a reason it may be hard now but it will make you stronger in the end

Yea I hear that but… the people… never mind


They don’t know how it feels they aint effected they just telling you that. I’m like I know but I just don’t work that way that easy I guess my point is people just don’t know how it fells until it effects them

I know what you mean, but I gotta bugg day tomorrow I need some sleep fell better


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