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November 1, 2009
By Ashley Paholski SILVER, Ivoryton CT, Connecticut
Ashley Paholski SILVER, Ivoryton CT, Connecticut
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Spring is a time when new things begin,

The new blooming flowers are bright like a sequin.

Baby birds come to life, and fly around,

There is no more sparkling snow covering the cold ground.

Cool breezes make the trees sway,
Spring allows you to have a great day!

The sun reflects off every pond and lake,
Spring is the time when all the animals are awake.

Creatures of all kinds come out to roam,
They stretch for awhile before they head back home.

People do this too,
But we really, appreciate and realize the changes that are new.

The air smells fresh and the weather is great,
The wind chimes blowing in the breeze sound like a fork banging up against a glass plate.

The chirping birds scurry here and there,
Spring is making things beautiful everywhere!

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