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Destruction Is Beautiful

November 7, 2009
By Dancing_Shadows SILVER, Franklin, New Hampshire
Dancing_Shadows SILVER, Franklin, New Hampshire
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Mesmerized by it's beauty
I stare
I jot down my thoughts
My pen stops working
I place the tip in the burning flame
I become engrossed
Until the cheap metal
Is blanketed in ink
Is ink flammable?
Oops, the tip catches on fire
There goes my pen
I grab another
My new pen won't run out
So I sit, and stare
At the now glowing ember
Is it over already?
I light a match
And start again
I stare
Mesmerized by it's beauty

The author's comments:
I was having a horrible writers block. Then I read in a book that told me, in order to spark some new ideas you need to be in a peaceful place where only you can be. I chose my room. Then a corner of my room. I placed candles everywhere on my writing desk, I put my favorite book next to my writers notebook. I chose my lucky gel pen and my normal pen. My regular pen was the one that caught on fire. This was how I came up with the idea for this poem.

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