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my love

November 9, 2009
By babybree SILVER, St.Petersburg, Florida
babybree SILVER, St.Petersburg, Florida
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Thinking as hard as you do i still dont know if its true, i teel you i love you and you might say it back but, when you do how do i know its true i teel you i miss you yuo say it back but how do i know its true you tell me you want me how do i know it true, every time i see you i thonk of you as a tease just your voice, just your eyes, just your smile makes me want you i tell you and you say "HOW DO I KNOW ITS TRUE" i look you in the eyes smile grab your neck and kiss you and when we stop a say "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU" and your responds is "I KONW"

The author's comments:
my girlfriend inspired me to write this i love you baby 09-27-09

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