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The day you are gone

November 11, 2009
By Showchoir2012 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
Showchoir2012 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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I think about the day that you are gone.
when i walk down these halls alone and broken
feeling like my heart has left my body.
It will be like i am a souless person walking in a world of the living.
Sadness rips threw my heart as the images race past my mind.
I know its monthes away yet i cry to be held in your strong arms again.
I dont know how i will bare it,
watching you drive away....
away from me....
our love...
Constantly wondering when you will be coming back into my loving arms again

The author's comments:
This is about me thinking on the day my boyfriend leaves for college. I hope for you to feel my sadness or at least my feelings toward him leaving and my feelings for him.

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