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Do You See

November 12, 2009
By IsobelFree DIAMOND, Hamilton, Other
IsobelFree DIAMOND, Hamilton, Other
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Do you see the butterfly’s
delicate yellow wings,
the way its fragile legs
fold as it lands on the branch?
Do you see?

In the distance, can you see it?
Across the cerulean sky,
can you see the bird?
As it pumps its strong wings,
as it soars with grace and power,
do you see?

The water is laughing
as it tumbles over rocks.
See the way the sun
bounces off the splashy surface,
throwing diamonds?
Do you see?

Do you see how the sun
is melting on the lake
like a golden pat of butter?
Do you see how the sky is ablaze with fire?

Do you see?

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