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November 14, 2009
By rishro SILVER, Baldwin, New York
rishro SILVER, Baldwin, New York
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Held back
retraints on the heart
the disrespect from the world
the lack of intelligence
the ignorance of others
do they not understand the love that stands here?
what do they think love is?
all a silly game?
just to mess with? to mock and destroy?
thats all it is to the demons we call humans
they destroy love
they destroy hearts
why such evil actions?
they demolish the innocent's chance to love
the curious beings that wonder what doe love feel like?
how is it formed?
the demons annihilate
the love
the sensational emotion
before there is even a chance to feel love
its ruined
by tormentors, terrorists and demolishers

The author's comments:
Love inspired me and how so many people use love

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