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Dating; A Timeline

November 16, 2009
By AspireToInspire SILVER, Thornville, Ohio
AspireToInspire SILVER, Thornville, Ohio
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Praepartur animus contra omnia. ♥

Day One
It’s wonderful. I can’t believe it. My heart is on a cloud and it’s floating ten thousand feet above the ground. It’s floating away from me.

Day Three

Already it starts. The rumors fly wildly, like a flock of birds running scared. The cruel things some people say tear at me. But my heart is too far gone to care.

Day Five

All is well again. Explanations over with, all the past is cleared up, only leaving room for the future. A smile is constantly on my face; his hand is constantly in mine. My heart soars higher.

Day Seven

A week is gone. It has been bliss. But things are starting to wander as my heart wanders still…

Day Eleven

Where has my heart gone? It’s been missing for a time. Oh, yeah. He’s stolen it, and sent it floating away.

Day Sixteen

When can I retrieve my heart? I keep his safe, locked away from harm, while mine is out floating around. I fear it may fall.

Day Twenty-three

My poor heart is reckless. It’s in danger. I have to save it, but I can’t. Because he stole it. He held it in his hand carefully, then let it go. It’s past the point of no return. Take care poor heart, for I cannot rescue you now.

Day Thirty

I reach for my heart, floating so far away. I can’t reach. And it falls. Lower and lower, until it hits the ground with a sickening sound. He steps on it and walks away, leaving my heart laying there on the ground. I pick it up and cradle it in my arms. It is broken.

Day Thirty-two

I nurse my poor heart constantly. It is far too wounded to function properly. Far too broken, far, far too broken. It soared too fast, rose too high, and now it’s broken. Hopefully it will mend.

Day Forty

My heart starts to function, and I take it out again. Time to face the world. And what’s this? My eyes land on someone. My heart rises again.

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