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November 17, 2009
By Cow94 GOLD, Salmiya, Other
Cow94 GOLD, Salmiya, Other
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A moment on those soft sand beaches, the
brown, salt like powder cushioning my feet from being
crushed within the harm of the world. I
walk with him, the sunset showing me his
silhouette and exposing the other physical half of his
body to the world.

It's the first time of everything. Those hard,
gray boulders and a soft gust of wind pounding
against our hair, entangling our emotions as we move on. He
wants to eat something but I, I want to play with the soft brown sand.
Looking at me, the uneasiness I don't notice then comes out
of him.

I plop down, throwing my black leather bag and chucks right
beside me where I don't want him to sit. He gets
down slowly, looking at me like a child, trying to sink in how
someone can be so immature. I force him to sit,
and to my comfort, he's right in front of me. I start building
a castle, which breaks down slowly, bit by bit, the way my life would in the coming times. I
complain like a child, the way I did when it broke down when I
used to build them in my younger days.

I can sense the irritation he sends out and like
an antenna receiving a signal, I get up and fling my bag on my shoulder to tell I'm bored too.
He gets up and we walk. The path to walk comes around and I
plop down again to wear my shoes. He insists on
ice cream and we end up in Baskin Robbins. A wave of laughter and the sense of belonging
is soon to be lost. It's time for me to rush away. He
understands and we finish our ice creams on our way to him
dropping me home even though I told him
I could walk alone.

I don't know how to explain what all happened next and I
know how immature I was when he left me in
front of my house. It was hard to sink in that
a meet could ignite such a fire out of non existing
sparks. Winter came around and soon
was lost the friendship we had built together. All was
so because she doubted. Her doubts destroyed so many

I don't know where I belong and I don't know
if I'll ever feel the soft, salty cushion of the beach the same
way again. I don't know if the sunset
will ever hug me and tell me that it's all going to be
okay. I don't know when the wind will entangle my emotions so
closely to anyone. But I do know that for now, all
is well but, by the time that season comes again, all is going to be
lost. Then will I know that the doom of my happiness will

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