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November 17, 2009
By Taylor(: GOLD, Perry, Kansas
Taylor(: GOLD, Perry, Kansas
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I long to be number one,
To be the only one.
But there you are,
Waving the checkered flag.
And here I am.
So far away from the top.
I always lose.
Nothing good comes my way.
But you always win.
Everything IS your way.
Perfect, Perfect, Perfect.
That's all you know.
But all that I know is right behind you.
I cannot see what stands in front of you,
Until you move from my view.
Then I look from side to side to catch a glimpse
Of what took your breath away.
The only problem is...
It's not so great, at least not to me.
I only see what you've already seen.
You must've stole the beauty,
You must've absorbed all the good.
Now there's only gray, only gloom, only blank, blank, blank.
I wish I was ahead,
The one who lead the line.
But I am only here,
And I'm running out of time.

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