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Personal Directions?

November 19, 2009
By sarah.lamphier GOLD, Park City, Utah
sarah.lamphier GOLD, Park City, Utah
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I’ve always wished that everything and everybody
Came with a definition and a set of directions
Then you would always know and
Understand how to treat everybody
No one would get hurt
No one would have to try to figure anyone out
Life would be so simple
So easy

But the fact that you have to learn about people
Makes everything just a little bit more exciting
If you knew exactly who everyone was
What would you have to talk about?
What would you think of them?
Everyone would seem a little bit
Too boring

Even though you wouldn’t have to wonder
About who people really are
All the fun of meeting new people
And getting to know them would be gone
When you met someone new
In one glance
You would know everything there
Is to know about them

Maybe that’s why no one comes
With a definition and directions
Thank God.

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