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~The Words Left Unsaid~

November 21, 2009
By Bobbi PLATINUM, Terry, Mississippi
Bobbi PLATINUM, Terry, Mississippi
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He's the reason for my heart beat, as it pounds a lovely tune
He's the reason for my smile and everything i do
He's my laugh and my utmost sweetest kiss
my friend who loves to taste my lips

he's the star in my night as i softly begin to cry
he's the cloth against my eyes that gently whipes them dry
myhand is held in his hand
to help me when i can no longer stand

he's the warmth i feal when i gently touch his face
the one place i go to feal his warm embrace
wrapped in his arms, i forget my worst of fears
all i know is my desire, and for him there are no tears

he is the moon in the dark, in which i dare to dance
He is golden and strong with every single glance
He is the coolness of the ocean that refreshes my tender mind
the breeze in the spring, the one i thought id never find

He is the river that washes over me erasing all the stains
Holding me close allowing me to feal not an ounce of pain
He is the last thing i think about before i go to bed
The first thing in the morning, as i think about what went unsaid.

the missing piece to my puzzle, that i finally have found
the half to my whole, he completes me and forever we'll be bound
He is the silence within me, for the words i cannot express
Expecting the best in me, refusing any less

he is thousands of miles away
but i feal as if he is right here with me every single day
he is all of the things in me
bringing out the worst and the best, trying to set me free
The unwritten story, the ages left to fill
writting them quickly together, Forever we'll be still.

The author's comments:
A poem about long distance relationships

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