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Condemn Myself

November 29, 2009
By LeilaniLives PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
LeilaniLives PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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"They say 'Life's two steps forward and one step back' - But what if I tripped and fell down the whole flight of stairs?"

Am I worth anything anymore?
Is there hope in this hopeless world?
Why do I blame myself for everything?
What made me this shielding person?

I've been standing in the rain for so long
When it rains, I feel complete
My reality meets my emotion
Emptiness is fufilled with happiness's worsen

I am the sin, the sickness, the lost
Everything's nothing is shown in my being
Bringing the haze to life's little sunshine
I'm so much worse than the sickness, the lost, or sin

Fallen agony, my life's reality
Never creeping, lurking, or considering
Simply living forever inside my body
Broken down, blaming myself for who I've been

Tretcherous cliffs high, I stand up on the edge
Awaiting the final shove, this life's about to push me
Uncontrolling of my mind, dammed body, or lost soul
The last minutes of my life are about to begin

Doubting all of everything, nothing is left to believe
Deepening hate, secret fate, increasing heart rate
Starting with the pain, further condemn myself
This life isn't my destination

Below the height of these cliffs I stand on
Is where the rain never siezes to fall
Leaping towards reality
Minutes passed, heart rate slowing, I've lost this situation

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