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How do you say, "I Love You"

November 23, 2009
By nightbabe SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
nightbabe SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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How do I say, “I love you”
After all that I’ve been through
How can three words mean so much
When the future seems so out of touch

Teach me how to say, “I love you”
How to make the words come through
How do I cling to a hope and cry
When these three words make it harder to say goodbye

Why should I say, “I love you”
Does it really have meaning for us two
Or is it just a foolish lie until you leave
When I must close my eyes and grieve

How can you tell me, “I love you”
Do I mean that much to you
Or is it a game you play
To see your side and sway

How can I say, “I love you”
When I’ve heard it all before you
What makes you different from the rest
Can I really consider myself blessed

How do I say, “I love you”
And take a risk that you will say true
How do I know you won’t leave me
When for now I am happy you can free me

The author's comments:
We all have pasts that influence our futures. Love is a crazy thing. How do you let go of the fear and tell someone you love them? When do you take that risk?
I'm very frustrated by that fact that people say I love after just meeting. Some people never say it. How this heavy or light meaning determined?

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on Feb. 28 2011 at 7:24 pm
Dallywood45 SILVER, Miles, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is nothing but the echo of joy disappearing into the deep chasm of misery."

Very good moral. =]