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So this is how it feels

December 23, 2009
By Talia12 GOLD, Zephyrhills?, Florida
Talia12 GOLD, Zephyrhills?, Florida
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So this is how it feels.
The final sense of hopelessness.
I expect fear, but a strange and unsettling calm washes through me.
It's done.
No turning back.
I won't be missed, but i still wish that i would be.
All i can do now is wait for this feeling of loss to leave me, as death takes me away.
These are the longest moments of my pitiful life.
My eyes are growing heavy, and i know that it will soon be over.
All the pain and rejection i have ever felt is fading.
Any love or happiness i could have felt slips away from my numbing fingertips.
Finally, darkness devours me.
I'm gone.
Lost forever.
So this is how it feels.

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