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yet another goodbye song

January 6, 2010
By WritingInTheRain SILVER, Newon, Massachusetts
WritingInTheRain SILVER, Newon, Massachusetts
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the song of a tragedy rides the back of a sunset outside of her window
as she carves Love into her arm and feels nothing.
every day she prays
to please
feel the pain, it might hurt if anyone could see,
if only he could see...

but days go by like waves, blurring,
blink and you'll miss them
as she lies
for someone
to make her believe
that her time has not come
that Survival is written
at the end of her epic


a knife
a needle
a bottle of pills
her means of protection happen
to ruin her complexion
hope is lost along with the lies
they all spun her, the day she was born
she was doomed from the start
this is the part where love
starts over
in the sky

welcome angles, trills her voice
she always loved to sing,
just not on earth
where choice
was a gamble and faith
brought bruises like
in the sun dried raisins
like a son
she never had, never will

and she knows
this is where she belongs
as she looks upward and sings
on heaven's wing
what turns out to be
yet another goodbye song

all along

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