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Learn To Breathe

January 6, 2010
By WritingInTheRain SILVER, Newon, Massachusetts
WritingInTheRain SILVER, Newon, Massachusetts
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a thousand degrees outside
and I'm walking
in circles
around my life

i watch the imaginary rain fall
as my mind makes up stories
about the end of the world.
i watch you come in
from the raging red sea;
stones crumbling beneath bare feet.

you're years away
and I'm calling with no sound
so you run
run to me
i am asking you

are you the way my story ends?

a street curves
away from us
and you've lost me, i'm running
past residential squares
whose rectangular gardens
are bursting with color
that i'm too blind to see

in the first house is a mother and her child
the child sweeps the floor
while her mother plays with toys
and when bedtime comes
and the mother grows scared,
she is rocked to sleep
as her child strokes her hair.

in the next house is a baby and a bible
and tears make puddle by my feet
as the father lays the bible
in the cradle to sleep
and as the father rocks the cradle
the baby lies open
on the kitchen table

i'm years away from you
and you're calling with no sound
so i run
run to you
meet you on the ground
and we are one
mirror image
dive in.

the last house is empty
and i walk inside
to start the rest of my life
in black and white technicolor
with you
(painting pictures)
by my side.

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