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Unknown Cell

January 8, 2010
By Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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I went through friend number one, trying
to make conversation. Just to get a little deeper in.
I knew you were into me, I was into you, both crazy kids,
A love life soon to begin.

Neither of us knew each other, but at the same time,
we were years in the future. Perfectly matched, with
nothing but a smile to remember.

Friend number two showed me your picture, I got to
see you for a second time, on the mirror. It was great
to have, it was great to see, but I wanted your number,
so you could talk to me. I missed you. And I didn't
know how to tell you.

So by the time I finally got the guts to just up and ask,
my phone was ringing and I jumped all the sudden.
I put my hand up and asked your friend to wait, just
a second. He was looking at me, and laughing real
quite, when I noticed the caller unknown. I pushed it
to silent, continued my question and asked for his
cell ,not home. He told me too late and I looked at him,
just trying to understand. Then he pulled out my phone
from my purse without asking and told me to try
again. He said "redial", you wont regret it, it's someone
that I'm sure you know. He's already been through
all of what you're doing, he tried you just a day ago.
You probably should think about picking up before
you just refuse. Because an unknown number, is one
you don't remember but it's worth a try, you can't loose.

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