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Just Waiting

January 8, 2010
By musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
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There's this rocking chair
on my porch
ever since I was little
it's been there

Started sitting in it
by myself
when I was about 10

Mom would ask "Honey, what
are you doing?"
and I said "Just waiting."
"For what?" She'd wonder
"I'm just waiting."

Every day
she'd ask me
"What are you waiting for?"
"I'm just waiting"

I'd sit in that chair
with my own kids
they got older and would ask
"What're you waiting for, mommy?"
and I would reply the same answer
"I'ma just waiting"

Now I'm old
and gray
still sitting in that same 'ol rocking chair

The grandchildren come out
and say
"Grandmama, whatcha doin?"
and I would reply the same
since I was ten
"Just waiting"

The little uns
would go inside
and ask my own children
"Mama, what's granny waiting for?"
They would say
"I don't know, sweet pea,
I don't know."

I lived to see
one of my great-grand-children
to the age of ten
and sat her in that rocking chair
when she asked me
"Granny, what are you waiting for?"
And I replied
"Just waiting on the world
to change."

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