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I Hope He's Happy.

January 26, 2010
By kayleighakabella SILVER, Lawton, Oklahoma
kayleighakabella SILVER, Lawton, Oklahoma
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He sneaks into my dreams,
and into my nightmares,
the reason, I cannot figure out

He was there by my side,
for the time we spent together
then all so sudden, vanished

I hope he's happy,
leaving me to suffer in the shadows,
yearning for his touch.

I hope he's happy,
that I left him with my heart,
then had returned it back to me.

Every second, I'm falling,
more in love with him,
than I'd ever been before

I loved him.
I love him.
-and I will, still,

As long as my heart
keeps beating heavy,
if our separation doesn't kill me first..

The author's comments:
Why is it that love and heartbreak are the hardest but easiest to write about?

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