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word vomit

January 30, 2010
By dollesque BRONZE, Centreville, Virginia
dollesque BRONZE, Centreville, Virginia
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Your grandmother sits in the corner, silently
watching and watching and watching and watching and
I have to go to the bathroom
but I am inhuman (I wish) so
I'll hold it, I'll try.
My lips are all broken and cracking, my dear;
if I smile they'll open and bleed all again
Taste my iron, I beg,
I don't care if she sees,
Make me bleed make me bleed make me bleed mke me bleed--

Oh you're sorry, you say--
your breath smells like animal
catsup or catfish or kitten
(or kitten!)--
You'd like to kiss sometimes--
but I am a side dish, you
finish me
and you're still hungry for more!

You are ravenous,
moaning and slurping up
remnants of me from the
dregs of your bottomless cup
I've given you all that I've got
You're a parasite, tick,
I'm a ticking time bomb

I'm exploding!
A kitten you put in your microwave
Danger, I'm dangerous,
Put on your goggles
I'm acid, corrosive
I'll cut to your bones
without thinking or feeling
or seconding thoughts.

I'm a white light, I'm blinding
I'm blind raging fury
with talons and claws
I will cut all your organs out
Lock up your children,
your kittens, your grandmothers
I stop for nothing--
I won't stop for you.

The author's comments:
no idea where this came from.. it just came out.

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