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Unloved Lover

January 31, 2010
By M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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The unloved lover, just sitting in the rain,
Hoping he’ll never care for her so she won’t feel the pain,
Sitting on the cobble stone,
Rainwater soaking her to the bone,
She sits and cries and sighs,
“Why must there always be goodbyes?”
Watching kids kissing in the park,
While she just sits there in the dark,
She’ll never be them; she doesn’t want to be,
Because she knows one day she’ll pay the fee,
Sitting on the cobble stone,
Rainwater soaking her to the bone,
She sighs and cries and comes a lie,
“I don’t want my heart to die,”
The unloved lover sees him then,
Like everyday, again and again,
He stares at her, she looks away,
‘Maybe’, she thinks, ‘Today’s the day’,
But she stops herself before she gets too near,
Love used to be a thing she would fear,
So sitting there on the cobble stone,
Rainwater soaking her to the bone,
She stares up to the heavens and back down to her hell,
As her mind begins to wander, her tears begin to well,
She sits and sobs and starts to cry,
She knows that she must say goodbye,
If she were to stay, only havoc would rise,
She gets up and walks toward him, tears in her eyes,
She slipped a note in his bag, making sure not to be seen,
A note was just simpler, and just not so mean,
She started walking away,
Walking into the darkness of the day,
But then she heard his voice call,
He called her name, her tears continued to fall,
She loved his voice,
But she had made a choice,
She continued away, ignoring him like white noise,
Maybe if he hadn’t been one of those boys,
She’s just walking there on the cobble stone,
Rainwater still soaking her to the bone,
The unloved lover is just walking in the rain,
Knowing that loving him has nothing to gain,
Tired of constantly repeating his name,
And praying that he’ll never feel the same.

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aka C.C. said...
on Mar. 2 2010 at 10:01 am
Wow! I am speechless.

on Feb. 14 2010 at 7:04 pm
musiclover114 SILVER, Woodstock, Georgia
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oh my gosh im crying!!!!! this is simply amazing thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!:)