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The Damned Doors and Walls

January 31, 2010
By M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I live in a glass box,
10 feet by 10 feet,
I see the world through my walls,
I watch the end draw near.
The end for me at least,
I’m going insane,
I see the sky go red as blood,
I see gravity die slowly,
I hear screams of frantic civilians,
I hear crashes of glass and steel.
Yet the box is untouched,
And the door will not open.
The door is of but simple wood,
With a metal knob tinted gold,
But oh no, it is not necessarily the door,
That refuses to open,
And grant me my deserved freedom,
Oh no, it is they,
The people behind the door,
Those who keep it closed shut,
They are the cause of my insanity,
The cause of my world coming to an end,
I see boar fly high in the blood,
Yet the door will not open,
I can see the people,
Those who put me here,
They run away,
To escape the Apocalypse,
But when I run to the door,
It does not budge,
I have been left here,
In my glass box,
To watch the world slowly crumble,
And to do nothing to stop it,
I bang, I plead, I cry,
Yet not an inch it moves,
I see all I love fall,
I see the world I once knew vanish before me,
I hit the walls,
Trying to break free,
But my prison is secure,
I was never meant to leave,
The door is not real.
That is why it never moved,
It is part of the glass walls,
I was to die in here,
In solitude,
Away from my loves,
Away from everything,
Confined to myself.

And I almost did,
I almost died in here,
My twisted mind keeps this image going,
I see a small hole,
Never there before,
And through the looking glass,
I see my future begin,
Someone is cutting the glass,
I have a hole to civilization,
Someone cares enough to risk their own freedom,
In this apocalyptic situation,
To get me out into the world,
And out of this confinement.
And so I tried again.
I hit the door.
I slammed the walls.
I tried to help make the hole bigger.
One person gave me hope.
I grabbed the knob and yanked at the door.
Even if it was supposedly fake,
It might have worked too,
Had they not come back.
They pushed her away,
They were those who imprisoned me,
Her was the person who tried to help.
A month later the world has almost ended,
In my imagination at least,
I’m on the brink of insanity,
I would have gone insane,
Four weeks ago,
Except that one person,
She keeps me alive,
Keeps me from losing it,
And every so often she approaches,
Behind their backs she sneaks,
And widens the hole in the wall of unbreakable glass,
Just trying to help me get out,
She seems like she is just in my mind,
Sometimes I see this as a dream when I slumber,
Yet each morning when I awake,
The door remains shut,
The people remain still,
The world goes on without me,
And the hole in the wall gets larger,
Even just by a tiny bit,
And I know it is true,
I know it is real,
Someone cares,
Someone wants to help,
And I know for sure,
I will one day leave this box,
I will one day slip through that hole,
I will return to the world,
With my friend,
With she who made the hole in my wall.

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