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True Love

February 5, 2010
By BaileyBelle SILVER, Wiley, Colorado
BaileyBelle SILVER, Wiley, Colorado
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She sits there staring
At the only one she loves
Tan with black hair
But the greenest eyes of all
His eyes are strict and hard
His fist as strong as steel with a hard and angry touch
That all his enemies fear

They met on day
In the middle of the woods
Where he was there from boredom
With nothing else to do
She from sheer pleasure
From the vibe of the atmosphere

He was full of wonderful love
With no one to offer it to
For it was surrounded by a wall
Built with hate and fear
And couldn’t get out
She never understood
His fear of disregard
From the ones he loved and knew

She taught him to use his strength
For only the necessities
And his hate to those who deserved
And with her help he understood
What the tingly feeling in his stomach was
Anytime he’d feel her touch
He fell in love with her
And she with him
And with that they both learned
What true love was about

She sit there staring at the only one she loves
Tan with gray hair
But the greenest eyes of all
His eyes are soft with sadness
His touch filled with love
For the on laying in the hospital bed
His love, his life

The doc said it’s bad
The worst it could be
It spread throughout her limp nodes
And into her slpean
The pain is gone for now
They have her on some meds
“but her time is coming quickly,
So I’ll leave you here with her”
The doctor said to him

So now he sits there staring
At his loving, caring wife
With her small brown eyes
And silver flowing hair
Her skin is soft as silk
And her lips as red as rose
Her breath is short and raspy
But her voice as beautiful as ever
And she takes her last breath
To whisper one last thing
“I’ll love you forever
And you I will never leave”

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