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February 6, 2010
By mellow_melon PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
mellow_melon PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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maybe if i told you about your boxers
(fishies, U.S. flags, neon stripes,
do i have to go on?)
maybe you wouldnt look at me
like im crazy
maybe you would remember the jokes
i used to make about your pants
always falling down

maybe if i called you MO
yelled out 'BGRS!!!'
maybe you would laugh
maybe you would remember
why it was funny
in the first place

or maybe
you would be the one
to bring them up first
maybe i would laugh
and remember great
(but painful)

or maybe
i would look at you, confused
and walk away,
like i dont remember,
like i dont care
but even if i did
you would be able to tell
that i was just

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