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Promise Me

February 7, 2010
By mellow_melon PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
mellow_melon PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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It’s okay to try
And forget about him
I understand why
You would want to just
Throw away all the memories

You may want to forget
About your fights with him
You may want to forget
About the times he’s hurt you

You’ll especially want to forget
You’re breakup
I understand.
I do,
I really do

But promise me one thing
Promise me
That you won’t forget
The good times

Promise me to never forget
The way he kissed you
Or the way he held you close
When you were upset

Never forget
That first date,
Or your last date

Never forget
How he gave you flowers
On Valentine’s Day

Never forget
The wonderful feeling you had
Whenever you were with him

You can forget the
Bad things,
But promise me you won’t
Forget everything

Because some things
Are worth remembering

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