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Thoughts From a Soldier

February 8, 2010
By KassidyLeigh GOLD, Brewer, Maine
KassidyLeigh GOLD, Brewer, Maine
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"There are a millions guys who will try to pick you up but only one can sweep you off your feet!" -Emily Illingworth

I am nothing more then a wounded soldier, headed home from battle.
A flag on the casket, all 50 starts aligned.
I've become a faded face, in the sworm of all the others.
They cry, and weep, but I hold my feelings in and try to be strong.
I am lost in the rain, that drenches everything insight.
Including the place where you will forevermore lay to rest.
I am not supposed to be here, with the people who loved you.
Though I loved you once, I am overcome with the pain i have caused.
I am a stone wall, emotionless and cold hearted.
Watching as they lay him to down in the ground.
I am nothing but a wounded soldier.
That should be dead.

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