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Judgement Day

February 14, 2010
By Precious BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
Precious BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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I'm confined inside this broken woman
No more tears left to descend
Trying to repair whats broken && wont mend
Praying && repenting from my unworthy sins
Judgement day coming. Worlds gonna end
Dying with a heart of hate, a soul uncleansed

Satan looked me in the eye
Burned me with fire, took joy in my cries
I'd fallen for his trap, believed his lies
He invaded my heart, took control of my life
Now as I think back I remember those sleepless nights.
Now I realize you were my strife.
I gave up the struggle, it was time to switch sides.

God looked down on me from his throne
I fell to my knees all dignity gone
Nothing to hide, he saw every wrong
He tried to speak to me but our bond was gone
He wanted to save me from my sinners home
Unknowingly I pulled away, into the unknown
Now my soul aches to be an angel, pure && flown

What's the verdict? Is my spirit free?
Am I bound by chains? Burned with heat?
Will I have wings? Existing with glee?
Or stuck in hell, punished for the old me?
Who I was, not who I wanted to be.
Who I am now is what God sees.
A repentant sinner, praising with her hands
A new born saint on her way to the promise land

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