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get out of my head

February 10, 2010
By mellow_melon PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
mellow_melon PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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I try everything in my power
To get you out of my head

I do anything to get you
Out of my mind

I reread my favorite book
Hoping that the romance and suspense
Filled words will distract me
From you

When I’m not reading something
To get you out of my thoughts
I put in my ear buds
And crank up my music
As loud as it can go
Hoping the wails of harmony
Will wash you away
From my brain

If I let my guard down
For even a second,
Then you enter my thoughts
I remember how we used to be
Then I remember the conversation
We had last night
The conversation I won’t tell anybody
About because I told everybody
That I’m not speaking to you

I guess I’m breaking
My own rules, now

I shouldn’t even be writing this
It reminds me too much of you,
It makes me dwell on my thoughts
And I’m hurting, hurting,
Who knew how much pain
Could be inflicted on me
Just by some simple words
That you said?

I refuse to think
Of the good things,
Of the way things used to be
Of how great things
Used to be

I refuse to think
Of what you said
To me last night
And how you obviously hate me

I make myself think about
How much of a jerk you are
I force myself to remember
All the heartless things you said
To me

I know that I
Shouldn’t care about you
At all anymore
But it’s a little hard
When all I think about is
The good memories
And since I haven’t seen you
For over a week,
I can’t seem to remember
How you really are

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