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Spring Again

February 10, 2010
By GoldenGirl PLATINUM, Vashon, Washington
GoldenGirl PLATINUM, Vashon, Washington
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It’s spring again
A rosy-white flower petal falls
From a magnolia tree, to the ground
Stretching slightly in the cool breeze,
The petal remains undisturbed
And the world yawns
As the whole morning arrives

The magnolia tree
Embraces the petal, without a touch
A subtle protection from the world
In the shade of its open arms,
Warm in the cool breeze; in the shade
And the world smiles
As the day arrives

Man comes along
He doesn’t know
He walks and shivers
In the cool breeze of the shade -
He crushes the petal with the soul of his foot
And the world weeps
As he realizes, it’s spring again.

The author's comments:
This piece was written to illustrate the ignorance mankind often has to the world. In this case, the changing of seasons; a beautiful thing that is symbolically crushed by the soul of mankind.

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