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February 19, 2010
By lovebabylove. GOLD, Mastic Beach, New York
lovebabylove. GOLD, Mastic Beach, New York
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It's like you spend everday,
just to get through it,
not thinking much of it,
untill you no longer have the privilege to,
then you soon relieze,
relieze what just sitting there with them watching tv truley means,
just begin by there side,
begin able to talk to them,
you dont relieze how much it means,
how much this all is a privlege,
untill the privlege is gone.

then you relieze not to spend everyday just to get through it,
you relieze to acutally think of what this all means,
what it means to be able to hug them,
to tell them you love them,
just being by there side,
you dont relieze what this thing called life truley means,
untill you see someone loss the privlege.

Then you learn,
learn to live the day through happeniess,
and spend the day like it's your last,
you finally learn to take life as a privlege,
not just to except to get up the next day,
noone relieze what a privlege life truley is..
untill it's gone.

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