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the wrong path.

February 19, 2010
By lovebabylove. GOLD, Mastic Beach, New York
lovebabylove. GOLD, Mastic Beach, New York
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"in true love a boy does not need to unbutton a girl's shirt in order to see her heart.".

your trying to sort thoughts from reality,
each building a wall,
and lifes trying to push its way through,
to guide you,
guide you to the right path,
but still you took the chance,
saying"oh i'll go back to the right way again"
but you dont,
cause you cant,
once you go down tht path your stuck,
lost site of what could of been,
how thinks could of been,
how things should of been,
how we could of benn,
its like you went from hot to cold,
black to white,
love to hate,
honey how stupied can you be?
they all warned you,
and yu saw the warning signs,
i know you did,
i saw it in your eyes,
but still you went,
honey you cant turn back now,
yu made yur choice,
you took the wrong path,
and it's to late,
everything that could of been..
everything tht should of been..
is gone.

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b.rai DIAMOND said...
on Aug. 1 2010 at 12:07 pm
b.rai DIAMOND, College Station, Texas
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you never really know what love is, until it breaks your heart.

story of my life.i came across the wrog path and i had been warned.