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Religion of Words

February 23, 2010
By lalaj94 GOLD, Oldenburg, Indiana
lalaj94 GOLD, Oldenburg, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
At the center of all arrogance, especially regarding art, is a naivity beyond words or brushstrokes. -I said it

Writing is faith
In life, in love
In everything

It's why I love it, really.
It is an escape
A place to describe whatever you want
Whatever your mind can come up with

I escape into it
Whether I write it
Or I read it

It is faith because to imagine such stories
Or to write personal experiences
Is faith in life

That people will learn
From past experiences
Or that it could actually happen
Someday, somewhere

We don't know everything
We cant refute it
At least, not truthfully

Poets, writers, random imaginations
They are the future
The elite, the intelligent
Our teachers; Our making

Creation personified

Words are my religion.
They are what I believe in
What I choose
Above all else, writing is my own

Unique to each individual
As unique as their fingers
Their minds
Their very own words

So if you believe as I do,
That writing is your religion,
Don't forget this;
Words can scorn and words can heal

Spiritually and mentally, so use your words wisely

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