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February 23, 2010
By IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
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I am not afraid
Not now
Or ever
Dark holds no ghosts for me
Shadows do not creep behind me
Beasts keep house in others’ beds
For I
Am not afraid
Not now
Or ever
Spiders scurry away from me
Snakes shake in their slippery skins
For I am not afraid
Not now
Or ever
While you hide behind your blankets,
Your masks,
Your helmets,
Your curtains,
And your mothers
I stand on a platform
And laugh at reapers grim
For I am not afraid
Not now
Or ever
While you hold your breath
Waiting for the gun shots,
The avalanche,
The explosion,
And the end
I wait in an easy chair
And smile at the storm clouds
For I am not afraid
Not now
Or ever
And what is my secret?
You ask with quivering voice.
I’ll answer you
For I have no fear of questions
Pride is my armor
Nerve is my shield
Confidence is my horse
And Spirit is my sword
For I am not afraid
Not now
Or ever

I have but one more secret
Which I am not afraid to tell
Though I scoff at heaven
And discount hell
I have but one tremor
Of fear in my veins
It blackens my blood
And whispers my name
Saying, you are alone
In your fearlessness so grand
Don’t you wish for a brother?
Someone to warm your hand?
It whispers, but you keep your fists clenched
If ego is rain
Then you are drenched
Alone in your own storm
Bitter and cold
Don’t you know even the fearless
Have to grow old
And when that day comes,
The one fear taunts me still,
You will be left with no one
And blank spaces you cannot fill

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