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Worth Leaving

February 23, 2010
By IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
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“Have you found it yet,”
You asked,
“Have you finally found that fickle
You’ve looked for so long?”
There’s something in your voice
Something new
Something with an edge
“Do you see these years as
Well spent?
Are you content
With your past?”
I notice the lines that branch from your eyes
Like winter trees
I see the raised veins, blue snakes on your hands
“Has it been worth it?
Tell me that,
At least.”
Why are you looking at the ceiling?
I feel the edge
Growing dangerously sharp in your speech
There is anger to your articulation
Your words turn black with bitterness in my ears
“I want to know
What was so great
So grand
So glorious
About your adventure,
Your hunt for
Now you look at me
I try to find the anger,
The bitterness I heard
But it is not these
Dark emotions tucked into the folds of your face
It is something else
There is no edge
But a well
Deep enough for your words to sink into
You whisper
“Tell me, did you find it?
Was it worth,”
You swallow,
Now I see your cover is broken
I see into the deep well
Holding your sadness
(It was always sadness)
I see the smooth skin
The bright eyes
The hands in mine
These memories
Feel so present, so right now
I almost forget I ever said
But I did
I did
What to do now
But answer?

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