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I Meant It

February 24, 2010
By songbird GOLD, Norwich, Vermont
songbird GOLD, Norwich, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
"He who chooses me must hazard all he hath"-William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

I don’t pretend I never loved you.
I admit,
I thought you were my everything.
But I pretend not to be hurt
When you don’t answer my questions,
The questions you would have yearned for.
When you don’t smile back at me,
Those smiles which were your safety.
When you can’t talk to me,
Because it was I who ended our last conversation,
And walked away.
When I said,
“We should be friends,”
I meant it.
I didn’t expecting you to come running up to me
Every time we meet,
But I didn’t expect
So I won’t pretend I never loved you,
But I will start showing that I’m hurt,
Every time you ignore me,
Because when I said,
“We should be friends,”
I meant it.

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