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Soldier's Heart

March 3, 2010
By M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Bang, boom, shhh, hiss,

Rarely will the bullets miss,

They're shootin' us down, one-by-one,

And some of these fools think war is fun?

Nothin' here but the blood we shed,

I can't see 'em Ma, only just red,

On the battlefield here, no one's the same,

The Southerners are enemies in this stupid game,

They ain't people no more in the eyes we see out of,

Only hate exists here, no such thing as this 'love',

I'm a stupid boy with a rifle, who's tryin' to fight,

Fighting for only what he think is right,

I'm so sorry Ma, if I disappointed you,

I had no idea the things they would do,

I watch my comrades fall to the ground,

Heavily the decend, and hit with a pound,

I see my new friend Charley, running like he's mad,

I hope he ain't shot, 'reminds me too much of Dad,

Bang and boom, my head now feels hot,

Oh God no, Ma, I think I got shot.

As I collapse, we decide to retreat,

Could this, Ma, really be defeat?

We are all just way too tired,

Dying in dirt from the shots that they fired,

And I finally got it Ma, but it's tearing me apart,

I finally got it Ma, I got a Soldier's Heart.

The author's comments:
This was an assignment for English: write a poem relating to the book Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen

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