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She'll use them, abuse them, lose them

March 16, 2010
By mcpanicfanic SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
mcpanicfanic SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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She uses them like a drug.
Her mind, body, soul, and being depends on them.
She won't ever feel complete without one.
Or two, or three, or four.
Sometimes all at once.

She uses them for emotion.
She is unhappy with life.
It did not turn out the way she planned.
So she creates uneccessary drama
To fill the void of a plain and meaningless life.

She uses them to create a fantasy.
A world where one day she may be happy.
A world where she is happy with who she is.
But for now she will settle for anyone.
Anyone that will give her a passing glance.

She uses them as darkness.
To darken the light that can shine through her.
To diminish her possibilities.
This way she knows if she does not try
Failure will be easier to accept.

She uses them for belief.
They make her believe
She is capable of being loved.
But those who truely love her
Seem to be unacknowledged.

She uses them to race away.
And to erase all of her real emotions.
If she covers up the truth with false problems
Maybe she can forget the problem that is keeping her up at night.

She uses them to feel like a child.
To bring back the care-free days.
Days when she was young.
She tries to blur the blinding truth
But it follows her like a shadow.

She uses them every morning,
Every evening, and every night.
They are her thoughts.
They are her world.
They are her everything.

She uses them as an escape.
A distraction from herself.
They fog the mirror everyday
So she is unable to see her own reflection.
Even though it is a beautiful one.

She'll use them, abuse them, lose them.

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on May. 20 2010 at 5:34 pm
thewriteidea DIAMOND, Pleasanton, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry that it's over, smile because it has happened."

OMG I love this! You have such a skill for expressing your feelings. Check out some of my work, too if you'd like. This is one of my favorites!

on May. 11 2010 at 10:08 am
jennee21_ann GOLD, Helper, Utah
17 articles 0 photos 568 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Don't gain the world and lose your soul....wisdom is better than silver or gold."

"You can always close a book, but you can never close the mind of a writer."

good, strong piece here (: very well written. everything you wrote is so true and it has a nice way it rolls off the reader's tongue (: i like very much! would you mind commenting on some of my work? (: thanks, write more soon!