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Pain Loves me too

March 25, 2010
By smartie31 GOLD, Troy, New York
smartie31 GOLD, Troy, New York
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♥ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to go, its learning to dance in the rain ♥

with in these walls i hold a secret
i promised him i would always keep it

lately i have been feeling blue
i wonder when you see me if you get the clue

the days were short the nights were long
your words were honest and so was our song

my eyes well up when i am alone
the air is calm but the wind still moans

my heart was full of love and life
then you stabbed it with your invisable knife

now i sit in the dark
searching for a lonely heart

i was a person that loved to dream
but now i hate how everything seems

i close my eyes and see your face
the pain still lingers like a never ending chase

i live for now on those last words
hoping once again you will get the need to splurge

i know deep down the book is done
i just wish we were still having fun

when i walk i walk for you
knowing you still some how love me too

even though our love has turned to hate
im glad i got you to take the bate

and now i find myself standing here waiting just waiting for you to open your gate

i lied to her,and to him but worst of all i let you win
every day when i wake up i know i must live with those sins

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