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March 26, 2010
By Kimmikko3 GOLD, Massena, New York
Kimmikko3 GOLD, Massena, New York
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I lie at the bottom
of a deserted old toy box
filled with lonely toys
wishing to be chosen to play with
each of us has a flaw
that our owner does not like
a doll that lies next to me
cries too much for the pain
that life has given her
has become too much for her to bear
an action figure next to me
cannot bend because if he does
he might break flexibility a virtue
a toy car cannot open its doors
because it fears what might happen
if it lets itself open up
another doll's eyes won't open
because she is afraid if she does
she will not like what she sees
a calculator that doesn't turn on
afraid it might make a mistake
a ball that doesn't bounce
because life has deflated him
a top that does not spin
because he might lose himself
and me the master's puppet
who when he pulls my strings
I move too easily under his will
I guess being too easy
is the worst thing you can do

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