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March 7, 2010
By CarlaMarie GOLD, St.Marys, Other
CarlaMarie GOLD, St.Marys, Other
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Stop this game of tug-of-war
That you’re playing with my heart,
You say one thing and pull me close,
Then say another and let me go.
Which to believe?
That I’m “special” to you,
Or just another girl to flirt with?
I try to understand by listening loosely,
To all those words you say
But they’re always contradicting
What you said before.
Since listening doesn’t work
I try to watch you closely,
See if something in your body language
Will reveal the truth to me,
But instead,
That confuses me more,
And I’m afraid of what I see.
So how do I go about understanding,
What is going on with us?
I’ll just keep moving forward
I guess,
And hopefully you’ll make it
More obvious to me
What you’re trying to say,
Because are we really just friends?
Or something so much more?
All I really know right now,
Is that I want to stop,
This tug-of-war.

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