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Little girl ..

March 29, 2010
By smartie31 GOLD, Troy, New York
smartie31 GOLD, Troy, New York
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♥ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to go, its learning to dance in the rain ♥

Little girl was full of hope
everyone judge her but never helped her cope

little girl dryed her own eyes
everyone told her ,her life was a lie

little girl at night would scream
everyone figured it was just a bad dream

little girl would play alone
everyone said she was like a lingery sent of a bad colone

little girl once had a heart
everyone each broke a different part

little girl had no special gift
eveyone acted like she was a job with a crapy wage and late shift

little girl was long gone
everyone forgot about her like she was a one hit wounder song

little girl wanted to be a hero
while everyone made her feel like she was zero

little girl finished the book
while everyone didn’t bother to look

little girl now rests in peace
everyone stayed still to feel the empty breeze

little girl was full of hope
she thought that they would try to cope

instead everyone just moved on
they teated her like she was a con

little girl walks away
while everyone else must stay

little girl only wanted to be loved
Instead everyone yelled and shoved

where is this world where you can find love ? without all the blood.

The author's comments:
a book and a friend of mine inspired me to write this piece.It tells the inner struggles of trying to "fit in"

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